General President Eric Dean has recommitted his support and resources to continue the “Zero Fatality” campaign in 2020 to help prevent fatalities and disabling injuries to Iron Workers’ members throughout the United States and Canada. The campaign is designed to engage members to “See Something! Say Something!” to help recognize and avoid workplace hazards. For many decades, common hazards have been the primary causation factors for fatalities and serious incidents. Our focus on the deadly dozen hazardous activities will continue, and campaign materials are available to district councils, local unions and apprenticeship training facilities, including hardhat stickers and gang box stickers emphasizing the importance of recognizing and avoiding workplace hazards in the shop and field.

The safety and health department will publish periodic reports to update our members, contractors and regulatory agencies on our progress to pursue zero fatalities and incidents and to help members to finish strong and finish safe in 2020.

Ironworkers on the safe side safety bulletins

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On the Safe Side: Below the Hook Lifting Devices

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